Breath-Taking Images of The Recent Full Solar Eclipse, From Space

NASA just recorded the International Space Station flying in front of the solar eclipse

The Earth takes a year (365.256 days) to orbit the sun. Everyone in the United States was able to see at least a partial eclipse. I found that these physical effects that could be felt and seen in the United States were the most impressive part of the eclipse. "This portrait will serve as my memory of what it was like to experience the eclipse with my 8 year old". Those who watched on Monday within the 70-mile wide path of totality were able to see the sun's outer atmosphere, called the corona. The moon continued across the sun before departing around 3:52 p.m., for a total eclipse time of around 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Anyway, Hopkinsville can use the economic boost that 150,000 people can offer when they invade a typical small Southern town of 32,000 for a day and a half.

Clouds moved in as the eclipse reached its peak moment above the campus, the result of thermodynamics and a microclimate created by the buildings and concrete on the SUNY Geneseo campus, explained David Meisel, 77, a professor emeritus of physics and astronomy at SUNY Geneseo. It is probably the single most spectacular celestial phenomenon that you will ever see that happens with any regularity on this earth. My husband held his hand out, touching his and I snapped this image. Visitor April Rosenthal said she didn't mind paying if she knew it meant she and her husband, Paul, would have a reserved spot.

Krista Melone had a moment just before totality hit to grab this hilarious shot. Needless to say, their coverage was larger than life.

Seeing the actual eclipse through the special glasses was a neat experience, but feeling the temperature drop and seeing the light decrease was the real thing to see in my opinion.

Daniel Dean drove 54 miles to be in the path of totality, and though weather threatened to hinder his view, he still got a great shot. Millions watched the eclipse on line or on television. I shot the eclipse picture at 1/6 shutter speed, 100 ISO, f/13 manually focused at 300mm.

"Library staff and customers shared their glasses, pinhole cameras, and enthusiasm with one another to view the phases of the eclipse", Library Services Manager Natalie Basmaciyan wrote in an email. "This final shot has not been resized or retouched".

Sonia Dale, 5, (front, center) and friends (background, left to right) Genevieve Allen, 8, Cadence Folke, 7, and Roderick Allen, 6, view the solar eclipse through a mask and special sunglasses in Weiser, Idaho, on Monday.

I have said this before and I say it again that even though evolution forced us apart over thousands of years, the spirituality of the American Indigenous people and the people of ancient India are similar in many ways. It was like I was hypnotized by that black circle in the sky! Yes, I know, Huntingsburg happens to be in IN, but it is only 135 miles from Hopkinsville.

After viewing the eclipse, I spent the afternoon in Balboa Park at the San Diego History Center.

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