Gal Gadot Shares Unedited & Heartfelt Video Message with Fans

Lebanon vs. 'Wonder Woman': Historic Overreaction or Historically Justified?

Superheroes are sexy. They fight evil, protect the innocent from dastardly criminals and power-hungry alien forces, and they do so while looking good in form-fitting outfits. Diana came to this conclusion at the end of her first solo outing, but what happens when she realizes her work may never be done? From DC's Superman and Batman to Marvel's The Avengers and the ever-sardonic Deadpool pop culture fans have just about seen it all.

Hudson also describes how Diana has to leave her heaven-like planet to defeat the evil one on earth and bring peace to mankind.

Wonder Woman has changed that, or at least put the wheels in motion. Spreading that kind of kindness and light truly makes the world a better place, so as Gadot thanks us for supporting her, we have to thank her for giving us that. In that case, though, they'll probably be in for a rude awakening. Between the action sequences we have time to see Diana and Trevor build a relationship.

"Question: If Wonder Woman can beat a GOD...the GOD OF WAR and she is only a Titan or Demi-God....then what's left for her?"

It seems her fierce warrior will make an appearance in the next DCEU film, #JusticeLeague. She charges into battle, and the men follow. It proved that the idea of Wonder Woman was bigger than just someone who could punch out a bad guy. What did you think of Aspell's version of a young Diana? Her name is Nubia and much the way Diana was formed out of white clay, Nubia was created from black clay.

Despite being out just a few weeks in the United States and less than a week here, the superhero reboot leads the way with the most tweets of any film this year at 2.19 million tweets so far. Would mums have taken their girls to see Pamela Anderson and her cartoon character body in Barb Wire? To which Wright added, "And more of the story, you get some of the history".

The DC Extended Universe has a lot riding on the big team-up, and having some of the more well-received characters to date appear should bode well for its success. Wonder Woman is made for women and, while there's no denying that Gal Gadot who plays Diana is absolutely attractive and totally rocks the iconic WW outfit like I never could, she's not there to titillate men.

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